Other Corridor Projects

The I-15

In addition to studying long-term traffic solutions for the I-10 & I-15 Corridor Projects, current efforts are underway to provide traffic congestion relief for residents, businesses and visitors along I-15. Please see below to learn more about recently completed and under construction projects.

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1. Interstate 15: Ranchero Road Interchange Project

Estimated Completion Date: Complete

This approximately $55 million dollar investment into the High Desert region offers another east/west connection for thousands of San Bernardino County commuters. Combining this new interchange with the recently completed Ranchero Road Underpass to the east reduces commuting by many miles and save commuters valuable time from their daily drive.

2. Cajon Pass Rehabilitation Project 

Estimated Completion Date: Complete

The I-15 Cajon Pass Rehabilitation Project consisted of roadway pavement reconstruction and restoration.

3. Devore Interchange Project

Estimated Completion Date: Complete

The Devore Interchange Project limits on I-15 were from 2.3 miles south to 2.0 miles north of the I-15/I-215 interchange and on I-215 from one mile south to the I-215/I-215 interchange. New truck by pass lanes and general purpose lanes were added in addition to improved ramp interchanges through the project area.

4. I-15 Base Line Road Interchange Improvement Project

Estimated Completion Date: Complete

The project widened Base Line Road and East Avenue, reconfigured the I-15 north and southbound on- and off-ramps, and included water efficient landscaping in the interchange area.

5. Duncan Canyon Interchange

Estimated Completion Date: Complete

The Duncan Canyon Interchange includes the widening of the overpass and on- and off-ramps to I-15.