A Solution: Provide Travel Choices

SBCTA started the I-10 Corridor Project in 2007 to explore the best solutions to relieve congestion now and in the future. With limited funding and land available for expansion, we had to be creative in our decisions to best manage traffic on I-10. We can no longer build our way out of congestion by simply adding more General Purpose Lanes.

Similarly, on I-15, SBCTA is examining solutions to provide motorists a choice when traveling along this freeway and to encourage economic growth, a sustainable environment, and a high quality of life for everyone who lives, works and travels in and through San Bernardino County. 

Managed Lanes can improve traffic flow and give drivers a choice in how they travel on the freeway. While adding one HOV/Carpool Lane to reduce the number of cars on the road could help some, traffic is most likely to become congested again within a decade. Traffic studies showed adding two Express Lanes are a long-term solution to relieve congestion in all lanes. In July 2017, the SBCTA Board approved the I-10 Corridor Project environmental document and construction of the first phase of the I-10 Express Lanes. 



What are Express Lanes?  Who do they Benefit?

Express Lanes use innovative technology that measures the congestion level on the freeway and sets a toll based on volume. Pricing is highest during peak commute hours or if there is a special event causing significant traffic delays. Motorists may choose to pay a toll to travel faster on the Express Lanes, with carpools enjoying free or reduced tolls depending on congestion. The cost is always displayed so motorists can choose whether to pay and use the Express Lanes or remain in the free General Purpose Lanes.

Regardless of drivers' choices to travel via General Purpose or Express Lanes, the addition of Express Lanes benefits all motorists, the local community and the environment:

  • There will be less traffic in General Purpose Lanes because of managed lane users; if Express Lanes are chosen, there will be a time savings of 50 percent + and if HOV/Carpool Lanes are chosen, the time savings will be 25 percent + compared to a No-Build alternative (during peak drive times when traveling the entire corridor).
  • Overall emissions are lowered and air quality is improved because there is less traffic congestion.
  • Toll revenues from Express Lanes stay local and help fund local transportation improvements.
*Compared to a No-Build alternative.

How can the I-10 and I-15 freeways better serve you? Watch and learn about our challenges today, and the options for the future.

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